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Verse of the Day | May 1st, 2017

Hello, friends! Today is the first day of May (it’s gonna be May…hehe), and I thought that a great way to kick off this month would be with the beginning of this new series on my blog. Personally, I love devotionals. I find them to be so helpful in pointing my focus back to what matters, and I love when I find something that speaks so clearly to whatever situation I may be in at the time I read it. I’m hoping that, with this series of verses, that I will be able to speak into the lives of other people, and that they will find peace and understanding through the words that I share.

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True Love

Before we jump into fun posts about friendships, love, and relationships, I thought that it would be a good idea for me to define love as it is seen in the Bible. It’s important for us to understand that definition versus the definition that the world has given us, because a lot of times those two are extremely different.

In order to understand how to love those around us, we need to understand what love means to the Giver of perfect love.

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Just starting out…

Starting something brand new can be fun. It can be scary. It can be so crazy that you can’t even wrap your brain around it. But something I’ve found is that starting out is just about the best thing that you can do. Take that leap of faith. Do something crazy that you’ve dreamed of for ages but have never had the guts or the drive to actually follow through with.

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